[Accepted] Application



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    [Accepted] Application

    Post by TwoWords on Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:18 am

    1. IGN - TwoWords

    2. Contact Information - cashermer@yahoo.com

    3. Past teams - N/A

    4. Cal or Cevo exp? - Corporal 6203 xp

    5. KD Ratio - 1.67

    6. Do you have ventrilo and microphone? yes, yes

    7. Days you are active - just started on the 17th, but play everyday

    8. Why you would like to join - took a look around a lot of clan sites and i like this one the best (the penis signature thread made me make my decision, lol.) I posted a thread in the nexon combat arms recruitment forums and Spad3 told me to apply here.

    9. How you heard about us - combat arms forums, spad3

    10. A little something about you. - Im 29 years old and married (i dont recommend it, lol) and have been playing MMO's for 5 years. Ive played eq2 for 5 years, many characters to max level. WoW for 1 year, just played around on that game, not max level. Warhammer to max level. AoC to max level (that game stinks). Was a member of Darkhand in Warhammer, AoC and EQ2. Darkhand is a hardcore raiding guild who also PvP's.

    Im not new to MMO's. I like to think i know what i am doing for the most part. I enjoy working in a team for a single goal.

    Im impressed by the quality of this game, since it is free and plan to continue to play to the best of my ability in CA. I am really looking forward to starting Clan Matches.



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    Re: [Accepted] Application

    Post by zavLN on Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:20 am

    Hey TwoWords. Welcome to the website, I'm glad you like it and am impressed with your application. You can always feel free to be involved in posting here (The Signiture topics you like) and post replies, threads, or anything. We encourage an active website for team communication. You can apply in game to "lastnervegaming" and contact "kcfreak". You will be accepted and can come in vent anytime you like!

    PS: Feel free to invite any friends to the website or to apply for the team.

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